Besides economical high-quality analytical services, Pyrolyscience offers comprehensive scientific interpretations and publishing assistance all the way up to the draft paper level. Thus, researchers and companies that would otherwise have difficulties in finding access to pyrolysis-GC-MS and, more importantly, to scientifically sound interpretations, can fully explore, employ and enjoy the power of pyrolysis-GC-MS in their own discipline.

Pyrolysis solutions

The main services pipeline of Pyrolyscience include 1) sample pretreatment (concentration of organic matter), 2) analysis by conventional pyrolysis, i.e. Py-GC-MS, and thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation, i.e. THM-GC-MS (a.k.a. thermochemolysis), 3) identification of peaks (generation of peak list), 4) semi-quantitation of peaks (generation of relative proportions spreadsheet), 5) data evaluation (report), 6) multivariate statistical evaluation of quantification spreadsheet and 7) assisting in publishing. Regarding research and publishing ethics, Pyrolyscience strives to follow the Vancouver Convention (ICMJE recommendations). For details on analytical parameters, instrumentation and examples of completed assignments, e-mail

Map of previous services and experience

Pyrolyscience also engages in the writing of scientific proposals for public and private competitions of funding. Pyrolyscience participates in the formation of a solid framework of molecular characterization in the theme of interest. This activity also allows scientists from public research institutions to add a “private” component to their project through Public Private Partnership (PPP) which is often highly appreciated by evaluation committees. Pyrolyscience does not charge for the participation in proposal writing.

Furthermore, Pyrolyscience provides training of researchers, which implies that for example PhD candidates will be prepared for analytical pyrolysis research, usually during an internship at Pyrolyscience, creating added value to his or her project and, most importantly, scientific education.

Finally, Pyrolyscience offers method development for clients that intend to explore the possibilities of analytical pyrolysis in fields for which its potential is unknown.